Monday, July 22, 2002

As a multiple-tribute to A, his superlative vegetable procurement skills and an all-round fabulous holiday, I bring you: a braised fennel recipe.

You're wondering what's going on? Rightly so. A did a mega-shop at, and a combination of his healthy rural upbringing and a deep-seated love of green leafy vegetables (I was brought up on largely unhealthy ashkenazi/eastern european dairy-laden delights), combined with lack of clarity on the tesco-com website, meant that we had four times as much fennel as we might have ideally wanted. Because you think you're buying one bulb, but you're buying a pack of four. That's how they come out of the ground, apparently.

So we had fennel salad. Barbecued fennel. Braised fennel. Fennel with fish (or was that the last holiday?). Anyway, lots of fennel. And celeriac. I am a new, healthy-vegetable type: I went out this morning and bought brocolli, courgettes, peppers, rocket and cucumber. Though not a piece of fennel in sight; I'm in cold-fennel-turkey.

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