Thursday, July 18, 2002

ATPIELI 2: Southbourne Crescent NW4

Can’t remember why I moved, except possibly that at that time I viewed Hendon as residential nirvana – guess I’ve moved on now – so answered an ad and ended up living with three blokes on a road which was a short cut from the North Circular to the A1. Idyllic it wasn’t. It was one of those brown draylon/hessian rented houses that had seen better days, and it was a true education for me living with three lads and meeting a new woman over breakfast (practically) every day. Eventually I got sick of cleaning up after them, we got mice and I wanted somewhere more sanitary. The guys ripped the piss out of me for my innocent girliness, and insisted I find a replacement tenant. Fair enough. I persuaded a friend of a friend on the advertisement desk of the Jewish Chronicle to send them this confirmation:

To: Messrs Cohen, Cohen and Cohen
Re: Your Flatshare Advert Copy

WANTED: Girl who goes all the way to share dirty house with three sex-starved studs in NW4.

We didn’t really stay in touch.

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