Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Blogdump. Braindump. Movie Dump. Saw Pi the other night. When I have Moveable Type, I'm definitely going to have Kabbalah as a topic. Not that I don't like Blogger; I love Blogger. But the control freakery of all-on-my-own-server is getting to me.

I'd love to be inside Darren Aronofsky's head. It's a strange mixture of Kabbalah, gematria, numerology, the stock market, Wall Street and men with long beards (that's nothing like Men Without Hats. Showing my age, huh?)

There's a lot of ant imagery, which I guess is supposed to represent the primal nature of the search for the true name of God. Just made me feel a little like he ought to clean his apartment more. It's powerfully filmed, ocassionally badly acted, but fascinating. The gritty black and white cinematography, coupled with the typographical editing is completely compelling. And there's a great little gag at the beginning of the third act, where the word megillah is cut into the edit, which literally means scroll, but in yiddish has more of the implication of long, rambling story. Not that it is: it's perfectly formed, if a little Art House.

Oh, and I was slightly thrown by the Rabbi at the end bearing a more than passing simultaneous resemblance to all three members of ZZ Top. I'm sure there's a website out there somewhere called or something - no time to look, must get to the gym - which analyses the subtle differences of beard topiary. But I've never seen one like his, and I've travelled the world from Borough Park to Stamford Hill to Mea Shearim.

Good movie, though. Would even watch it again.

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