Monday, July 15, 2002

Derybshire Tales: I'll be brief, as I'm on a dial-up account in an internet cafe (AKA The Charles Cotton Hotel in Hartington) as I can't get my own dial-up to work. I hate dial-up: it's everything I hate about the past: slow, unresponsive, breaks for no reason. Rant over.

Mind-blowing day yesterday - had impressive late lunch/tea-style meal at my Mum and Dad's with J, E and A. It was a truly, truly scrumptious spread, and we got lots of interesting (aka ethnic/Jewish) food to take away with us. My parents were mightily impressed with A's career, and thought my frriends were so lovely they'd show them my O'level art sketch pad. Lucky they don't have any bear-skin rug photos of me as a small child. It was fun seeing my neice and nephews, and S, my three year old nephew is very excited about "coming to London" to stay and go to the Transport Museum, although he does think London is in the next street and Bath (where his other auntie lives) is upstairs and has a toilet. Kids, eh?

Great evening with Mike and K, drinks at theirs and then fabulous swordfish at the Gate in Brassington, though I'm sure M will do it much more justice than I can at £1 for 15 minutes and something of a hangover. Though I've learned my lesson: don't mix your drinks, kids. I stuck with vodka all night. Though I may have said a couple of emarassing things. I guess I'll never know.

Off to Bakewell to meet up with J and A who have power-cycled there. E and I are going in the car and straight to the Bakewell tart and antique shops. Later.

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