Wednesday, July 31, 2002

I can't believe that Williams Cumberbach just came over to my house. He was passing and wanted to say hi, I guess. I was very slightly embarassed that I'm in my working at home gear, but at least my nails looked suitably cool.

We chatted about Kabalah - he goes to the Kabbalah Centre - Jewish history, salsa, South America and weblogs. How strange that he should be interested in the things I'm interested in (apart from blogging; that was a new one for him. Look out for a Williams Cumberbache blog anytime soon.)

He asked me whether I'm Jewish or English first? It's not every day a percussionist extraordinaire and paid-up member of the West London massive comes round to my house to pose contemporary identity politics/sociological questions.

Is this whole thing not a - very pleasurable - surreal experience?

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