Tuesday, July 23, 2002

I don't watch Big Brother, honest. Well, seen it a coupla times. And Jade does seem, er, well... annoying. But Esther Addley's article in Friday's Guardian hit the nail on the head in terms of body fascism.

So Jade's a little "fleshy". She's certainly not very bright. And she has a slightly funny look. The only difference between her and the majority of people I saw on the Jubilee line today is that she's on TV. And, as we all know, TV makes you add ten pounds, at least. I'm pretty sure that if I had the motivation, interest or remotest desire to apply to Big Brother - and believe me, it's not even on my list. In fact, I have a special sub-list of things I must never do. There's no money you could pay me to get naked on national TV and share a house with a bunch of people I don't know. But anyway, say I did apply. I'm fairly sure that my curvaceous body would not be the kind that Endemol want sullying their TV screens and damaging their ratings.

Jade's not fat, ferchrissakes, she's normal.

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