Thursday, July 25, 2002

I'm delighted that I'm bubbling under on David's personal list of favourite blogs.

While I wouldn't want to mess with his opinion, the editor's decision is final blah blah blah, I learned something from his description. I did a quick search and found out that I have 25 posts that mention being Jewish (and 5 about Kabbalah, which could be a subset of Jewish, in the venn-diagram of my life, I guess), ten posts that mention hair in any meaningful way, and only three that mention dating. I can't believe that I try so hard not to be hello-I'm-Jewish and then I am. Or maybe I'm just talking about my life, and it's part of it. Dunno.

Obviously, the challenge of being, er, now what's the word? Poly-interested? Wide-ranging? Short-attention-spanned? Anyway, the challenge of being whoever it is I am is that I don't fit in a box. I can think outside of one if I'm forced to in employment circumstances, but I wonder if the crap I write about defies categorisation.

So there's a challenge. Here's my own 30 word intro to me, my blog, I:

An idiosyncratic cultural commentary; truth telling; story telling; the geek-lite side of news and views, arts reviews, a garnish of Kabbalah and a hint of girlie stuff.

Tough job, summing yourself up. Not sure I did it very well.

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