Sunday, July 14, 2002

Just leaving: Had a great time at D's birthday last night - both white russians and black russians were drunk - and caught up with (another) D who I haven't seen for ages and is moving to NW6 next week. Hanging out will definitely happen. Talked to M, and she so reminded me of a younger version of me, that I had to hold back the desire to stop her from making all the mistakes that I know she's going to make. It was like a time-machine. But life's a learning curve, right? There's no point in telling someone. I know I wouldn't have listened.

Leaving for The North shortly. Posting may be a little erratic depending on my dialup situation. I had a dry run: it's v-e-r-y, v-e-r-y slow and made me feel that I should dress in early nineties clothes to complete the effect.

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