Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Just talked to L, because he's getting married. Congrats all round. He emailed me Sunday, but because he bcc'd, it went into my bulk mail box, and it was only when I was clearing it out tonight that I saw his note. He told me the wedding'll be 150 people. "Oh," I replied, "a small wedding, then". By Jewish standards, is what I mean. By any other measure, 150 people is huge.

A few years ago, J got engaged, and told me he was getting married in Scotland. "Oh, I didn't know X is from Scotland," I said. (The Jewish custom is to get married in the woman's (parents) syngagogue, and both J and X were culturally Jewish.) "She's not," he replied. "Anyway, it's a small wedding." "But how can you expect 150 people to shlep up to Scotland?" I enquired. "It's a small wedding," J told me, "25 people." So, you live and learn.

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