Saturday, July 13, 2002

My lunch turned into a rolling eating extravaganza: most people turned up 1ish (and M, helpfully earlier and almost-sorted my dialup account. You will be hearing from me in Derbyshire) and we ended up eating strawberries and watermelon in the garden and playing with my new toy.

I don't really have the money, but my instant-gratification desire for a digital camera overcame me, so I made do with a Sipix Blink, for the princley sum of £40. So we messed around taking photos, and I even took photos of my shoes to send to the feral living shoe project.

All flaked out in the garden, we had fun entertaining J (who's two) who is entertainment himself. In fact, he's Mister Entertainment. Anway, five minutes after everyone had gone, Q turned up for a very late lunch and just left now.

I feel frazzled: a bunch of stuff to do before I leave, and I'm just off to (one of the many, as in D's I know) D's party. Walking across to Hamsptead whilst the weather's good. I haven't got him a real birthday present yet, as he is truly the man who has everything, but I have bought him a tube of those big plastic bubbles we used to make when we were kids. Well, I did. He's a younger man than I.

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