Sunday, July 28, 2002

Weekend update: Stayed at D&H's - they made truly fabulous mediterranean stylee food that put me to shame, frankly, including a great carrot/lime/ginger soup that I will be trying out faster than you can say Covent Garden Recipe Book, should you want to say that - and we had intelligent conversation, though I did flake out in the afternoon, so never made it round to M's, which was by all accounts enjoyable. Friday night, I went to Z&D's but the evening's events are censored. Not for any special reason; just because they are.

Every time I go to zone 4 - or the Republic of Limmudistan, as one friend called it - I have a real dilemma about choosing zone two/urban/near town against zone four/suburban/loads of nice friends/how old am I now? stuff. My current impecunious state stops me from doing anything about it, but I like to worry.

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