Thursday, August 29, 2002

Almodovar - Talk to Her
Saw this at the Odeon Swiss Cottage with S - a police car conveniently stopped in traffic as I parked, so I could ask him if it was legal - and it was a true entertainment experience. We had a drink in Ye Olde Swiss Cottage beforehand: there's nowhere in that horrible roundabout to have a stylish yet inexpensive diet coke. Sadly. But it is like the country, I guess; sitting in the middle of a major intersection, with faux-Alpery all around you, talking above the noise and the fumes. It's like The Sound of Music with an industrial beat and a gas mask.

Although the bullfighting scene was a little disturbing, the movie's essentially a discourse on loneliness, although the meta-issue is belaboured slightly by a couple of superfluous conversations. What I like about Almodovar is that he's non-judgemental; he covers a range of slightly strange subject matter, and all with a you-decide perspective.

On balance: beautifully filmed, slightly cartoon-stylee relationships (why is the sucessful journalist intensely friendly with the recluse nurse, for example?) and is laden with coincidence. And wondrous dancing. And Benigno (the nurse) sounds like a car, doesn't he? The Fiat Benigno: it's boxy, buy it.

Why should I write a review? Here's what the Standard said, and the Independent.

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