Wednesday, August 28, 2002

I can't find a pen, so this is just a list for me of what I want to say tomorrow:
1: Almodovar review
2: something about this: "a friend, asked at the gym about her training goals, responds: "I'm trying to stay at optimum dating weight"
3: no food diet update
4: other revenue generating options: writing CVs/copywriting. I mean, I can write, right?

and stuff I need to do:
1 apply for consumer direct mail job
2 chase those people I left messages for today (networking is my middle name) CL, RK, DS
3 follow-up freelance leads
4 call some new people
5 catch up with my roommate (it's been three days) and find out what she thought of Talking Cock in Edinburgh, as I recommended it
6 do my nails

OK, g'night. Sleep well.

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