Thursday, August 29, 2002

Me and Tom talk, sometimes...

Sasha: just saw your comment.. had me laughing
Tom: excellent
Sasha: chicks are weird TOO, you mean, though
Tom: hahah - if only.
Tom: chicks complain about men coming onto them too much
Tom: don't know they're born...
Tom: sigh.
Sasha: well, it's not generally a problem for me
Sasha: anyway... part of me still thinks you should meet my friend X
Sasha: despite his blond locks
Tom: ew. blond.
Sasha: lol
Sasha: you’ll never meet someone with that strict criteria
Sasha: anyway... must get ready:-) going on like a DATE:-)
Tom: fucking hell....
Sasha: fhell what?
Tom: date.
Tom: so not fair.
Tom: go on then complaining woman!
Sasha: barbelite, even
Tom: OH NO!
Sasha: you have the pick of them, technically
Sasha: hey... calm down
Tom: I'm bored of no one in my cult shagging me.
Tom: I only built it so I could get sex.
Sasha: you make me laugh
Tom: Everyone else bones up like rabbits.
Sasha: can I post this conversation?
Tom: Yeah, if you want.

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