Thursday, August 29, 2002

No Food Diet Update
Very brief word on this: I have been doing this religiously for about a month now... less religiously for the last week or so. I gradually introduced small amounts of wheat or dairy to see what would happen (ie I got bored: it's not really that scientific), and I discovered they both make me feel sluggish and half-baked.

The good news is, I've lost nearly a stone. Which sounds a lot, but probably doesn't show that much to people who see me regularly. What's interesting to me is, that I'm now about two pounds (a kilo) away from the weight where I become visible again. It's an exact weight - which I'm not telling you, so don't even think about asking - where men notice me. So for a while now, a good couple of years, I've been walking around watching, observing, but not really participating. This isn't necessarily a bad thing: I get my fair share of offers, but not on the daily/regular basis I think slimmer people get.

The last time I was this weight, I went to fill up with petrol in a petrol station on Cricklewood Broadway, and the guy in the next car asked me for my phone number. When I smiled and said no, he followed me four exits on the M1 till he eventually lost interest, which was the exact point where I was moving from flattered to scared of stalkers.

And now, when I go out, people smile at me, look appreciatively and "come on to me" - I have no idea if there is a more grown-up word for this - flirt, whatever. I feel like I've just returned to the human race, and what I've discovered is that (some) men can be very persistent. And not all of them have a sense that women might not find them attractive. I'm sure there are men out there who just think it's a numbers game: ask enough women, someone's bound to accept.

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