Monday, January 26, 2004

Short Rants For A Monday Morning
  • I sold my car, which is great, because (a) it was starting to annoy me, (b) I don't really believe in cars, and (c) I only do 2,500 miles a year. She's coming at 3pm, and I have a 0.01% reservation about accepting a building society counter cheque, but I've spoken to her Building Society manager, ferchrissakes, and checked it out with a bunch of people, so I guess it should be alright.

  • Which is good, because I've theoretically bought a new car from I paid ?150 deposit on 5th January, and have been chasing them for a week about delivery. Last Wednesday Paul told me they thought they'd "lost" my car for a minute, but they've "found" it now. When I chased again today as I'd not heard anything about delivery since Wednesday, turns out they've sold it to someone else. They are very sorry. We are in discussions.

  • So I thought maybe I'd just join the car club and be done with it, but they can't process my registration for at least a week, during which time I will have disappeared in a puff of stress up my own arse, probably. So, gah.

  • And to cap it all, my colocation provider has gone belly-up in a serious way, so I can't send or receive mail from any of my accounts, and won't be able to till tomorrow morning earliest. And even though I've got them to forward mail to my hastily reconstitued blueyonder account, for some reason - maybe a problem with the mail exchange doodar? - nothing's getting through. Or Friday's mail is turning up today. Gah. Again.

  • I need a new - commercial, I fear - hosting doodar. Any suggestions?

  • And I'm thinking of just going to hide in a nice warm coffee shop somewhere and ignoring the world. I mean, I would have been in Jersey anyway, right?
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