Sunday, January 25, 2004

So a word about women's deodorants. Tacky, I know.

You couldn't move the last week for news stories about how deodorants are bad for you/potentially increase the risk of cancer.

I've been aware-ish of this for a while. Three of my friends have had breast cancer, sadly. But this weeks news made me think about it more. On checking my current stock of deodorants (because I have one in my gym bag, and one at home, and one in my handbag), I discovered that the green-tree-huggy-looking ("Japanese spa minerals! aluminium free!) Bionsen roll-on contains both methylparaben and propylparaben. And it cost £3.99, which implies that it's not your usual £1.39 chock-full-of-shit product. Decide to ditch it.

Amplex Caring 24-hour roll-on, has "soothing Aloe Vera", is non-sting, blah blah blah, but has aluminium chlorohydrate listed as its second constituent product. And we all know products are listed in volume order (water is the first. great). Ditch that one, too, then.

I've finished the Natually Fresh Deodorant Crystal that I bought in Fenwicks. When I go to buy a new one today, despite all crystal-based products being sold out, they tell me that they won't do a stock-take for another three weeks, and then it'll take a while to arrive after that. So much for just-in-time warehousing, then. And responding to customer demands.

Boots are also fresh-out of anything vaguely environmental/healthy in the underarm department.

So I setted for The Original Crystal Deodorant (£4.99 from John Lewis). But I'm still confused. Parebens - bad. Aluminium - bad. Lots of them have zinc, though. Don't we mind about that?

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