Sunday, February 01, 2004

About Last Night
Dinner at M's in N10. (Or N's in M10, and then it would have been on the motorway) I feel under pressure now, actually, because I - possibly misguidedly - mentioned I had a weblog during the conversation, and now everyone'll look, and think either (a) I'm just not a very good writer, (b) I haven't accurately reflected the evening, or (c) something else derogatory. Upbeat this morning, aren't I?

I always get stressed going to M's house because he lives on a road you just can't park on, and I say that as someone who lives in zone 2. Albeit, someone who just sold her car. So last night, through a judicious combination of a totally incompetent car hire company, and the generosity of my friends who turned out to be going to the same dinner party, I didn't have to do that, which was cool.

Great evening: conversation covered everything from education policy, the sandwich business, children and how cuddly they are... all the usual chattering classes stuff, although we did forget house prices and London transport policy. M made wonderful (mostly) veggie food, including a Delia puy-lentil dish with goat's cheese that I will be recreating in NW6 sometime very soon.

OK, I can relax now.

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