Thursday, February 19, 2004

Immigration and asylum are back on the agenda. And Michael Howard's been busy this morning; the Today programme at 7am, and BBC at 8am.

And, when questioned on his view, he proved quite how Jewish he is, with his passive-agressive reply: "The government's got into a terrible muddle over all this. They said nothing till I raised a question at PMQ. They've known about it for three years, but better late than never, I look forward to hearing their response."

Michael says "the BNP is a stain on our body politic" and "we have a long tradition of good race relations in this country." While I might agree with the former, I certainly don't with the latter; what about the British Government's reaction to Jews in the 30s and 40s? Viraj Mendis?. Cockle collectors? Burnley? Stephen Lawrence? C'mon, we don't care. Admit it.

Know what I can't get over? Michael Howard's father got off the boat from Romania two generations later than my family, and I don't know where he gets off on this Englisher-than-thou trip. Don't forget, Michael, from der heim, erois. Don't forget, Michael, humanity is more important than politics. Don't forget Michael, politics is for the people, not the politicians.

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