Tuesday, February 24, 2004

See, in the olden days (before about 1995), if you wanted to find something out, you had to really want to find something out. I see it in the work I do... in the early nineties, just knowing something was enough to make a research project fly. Now, everyone who's google-enabled knows everything, it's the analysis, the value-add (buzzword bingo, sorry) that makes the difference.

And it releases the stalker-within. Like in 1995, if you met someone at a party who said they were a writer, you'd have to go down to the library and look up their books on the microfiche. If you could be bothered. Now, twenty seconds online, you know what they wrote, what their Amazon rating is, what the critics said, where they live (if you have a 192.com subscription), and what they had for breakfast (if they have a blog).

All I'm saying is, it's easy to find things out, now. Especially if there are clues.

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