Monday, March 01, 2004

From The Postbag: Two

[these are real, btw, I'm not making them up]


I write, as a Jewish reader of your blog, extremely concerned about your lengthy discourse, on a historically and geographically centric event which you attended. Unfortunately, this repetition, of a highly intellectual theological debate, together with a bit of local gossip, has absolutely no relevance to the majority of people who read your blog. In the words of the Archbishop of Canterbury "TOO JEWISH"!

I and many like me, are concerned, that you do not lose sight of the rule of blogdom, which centres around an opportunity to read, the rants and musings of those who do not attend anything of intellectual substance, but sit in a flat, looking for anything to write about by watching television, reading print media and looking out of the window.

This well established creative approach to blogdom, reflects those who read your blog. I went out to the shops sometime in September 2000, but thereafter realised (on installation of one of the first high speed connections), that there was never any need to venture out again.

I receive all intellectual and sexual sustenance from reading from my computer screen. I receive all food from takeaways, I receive all basic provisions from delivery shopping.

I recently purchased a car on the internet without needing to step outside my door. This last purchase was particularly interesting, because I realised on delivery, that I actually didn't need it (although I did need the process of buying it). I also discovered that my desired part exchange had been stolen. On ringing the police and being asked to confirm when I had last seen the damn thing, the response to my reply of September 2000 revealed, (as I am concerned your recent blog entry does) a fundamental misunderstanding of blog culture.

With this in mind, I hope you will reconsider the aforementioned lengthy entry on your blog, and ensure that standards do not diminish by use of an over-developed intellect.


Blogwatch (presently bored and unemployed)

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