Monday, March 15, 2004

My week so far: two Limmud meetings, an extremely early night on Friday, shul yesterday, lunch at F&Ms, curry with S on Cricklewood Broadway (I may have a new preferred curry house, you'll be pleased to hear). So, quiet, then.

Lunch yesterday was a real laugh. Talk turned to my blog, as it invariably does, nowadays. Blogs are very now, very zeitgeist, apparently. Lots of the lunch guests had read about them this week. I know, I know, this has turned into a tale of meta-blogging, where I'm a blogger talking about other people talking about my blog. It's silly. It's self-referrential. It's possibly annoying. A couple of lunch guests were fairly sure they'd rumbled me as someone else, but I firmly told them no.

What was fab was the conversation - about something else, thank the lord - between S and M:
her: It's on the fifteenth, isn't it?
him: No, sweetheart, it's definitely later
her: Are you sure, sweetheart?
him: Quite. Sweetheart.

Imagine this, through clenched teeth, sweetheart. The wonder of marriage, eh?

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