Monday, March 15, 2004

Once, in the mists of time, I signed up with meetup - don't even ask me why; the last thing I want to do is meet people off the internet - and now they mail me to invite me to the Judaism meetup. I realise it's all automated, and a real person hasn't seen any of this, and it's the first Monday of every month and all. But surely there's an irony to the April meet-up being on the First Seder Night (Passover) of Pesach. Cultural crossover: think Christmas lunch with Jacobs cream crackers (aka matza), lots of dirgy songs, tired kids, evening timetable, the refrain over the traditional dish of egg and saltwater of "why don't we eat this all year?", and a coupla arguments thrown in. I mean, how could you miss it?

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