Thursday, March 04, 2004

So, fortuitously, on the way to a meeting in Camden, I saw a mobile phone shop that sells wire things. So I spent twenty quid on a generic piece of wire for my 7250i (120 pictures and climbing). I've installed the "software", so it recognises me, but I can't find the "software" to transfer the pics with. The Readme files has these helpful hints:

"The best step of using the USB Cable is to plug in USB Cable firstly, then to plug in Mobile Phone and work the software.
The sequence is opposite while closing. You have to close the software firstly, then pull out USB Cable . Otherwise, the
computer won??t be work normally or will be cut off.

The operation is probably different because the different model of Mobile Phone has different software to support. Moreover
, the software of different model which can support the functions and has the greatest difference. You will be clear the
detailed information if you check the assistant file of software. "

So, none the wiser, then. I do have a (new?) programme in my programme list called PL-2303 USB Serial Driver, which could be it, but the only option is to uninstall. Duh.

When did life get this hard?

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