Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Well, how's this for a thing. I had a sudden desire to send someone something nice for Yom Tov, and I thought, a fruit hamper with wine (kosher, of course), would be just the thing. Now there are doubtless loads of shops in Golders Green who do this but (a) I am stuck at my desk, (b) can't face pre-Yom Tov triple parking in NW11, and (c) would like to send something "naice". Like I have an account at Berry Bros - a hangover from the days when I was sending speakers cases of wine wily nilly - but obviously that's not very, er, paschal.

So: Harvey Nicks - don't do kosher wine. Selfridges: probably do do kosher wine, but their customer service operative did my head in, and I had an incoming call on the other line. Fortums - don't do kosher wine. Why? Because - wait for it - they don't know where to get it. They get a lot of requests for it, a lovely girlie tells me, but they have no idea where it comes from. They've looked. So I talked to the wine buyer, and gave them Sussers number, and they thanked me ever-so, and they'll look into it. No, they can't do it in time for Pesach, since you ask.

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