Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Bus Shelter - Thot Unplickens

Without wishing to tempt fate, it's been 21 days since my bus shelter disappeared. We have an adjacent temporary bus stop, the original bus stop - now rather lonesome in its bus-shelterless state - and I heard from a friend of a friend in Camden council that two years to get a shelter removed is pretty damned fast.

I, however, am reasonably sure it's a cock-up, and like two bus shelters (one outside my house, one outside my neighbours) will appear in the fullness of a public sector timescale. As everyone I ever knew at London buses has now allegedly been (a) promoted on the Peter Principle, (b) gone on long term sick leave because some resident kept calling, writing and emailing and asking them to do something, or (c) just plain disappeared, I have no one to ask. I could ask my friendly local councillor - Flick Rea - whose been pretty helpful, or I could start all over again. But life is short, as well as beautiful, and maybe I just have to live with it.

(I Freudianly wrote "love with it" in that last paragraph. See how far I've come.)

Maybe the universe has a message for me, and that message is that you have to live with the imperfections of the world. Maybe those crystals have been getting to me, I must take them down. Did I tell you about this? A friend was staying for a while, and the house apparently spoke to her and said I needed a crystal, and she hung it in the window of my dining room. I am not sure I am a crystal person. It casts nice light if you get up at stupid o-clock. The house hasn't been in touch with me, so I don't know how it's thinking.

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