Thursday, July 22, 2004

Had a real laught last night - met up with some old friends for a curry.

T regaled us with an hysterical story about how she has to go to Lincolnshire for her hols because family are visiting the UK and that's where they're going to be. Needs must, I guess. So she checked out the Lincolnshire Tourism site at

Not only do they make you register to get a brochure, but when you do (and I hope the link above works, otherwise, just randomly choose a brochure, and click register. It's worth it. Then go to title... and choose from Admiral... Prince... Princess. No, really.

Next, go to country.. and choose from the vast drop-down menu that starts with Afghanistan. Because people from all over the known universe probably don't visit Lincolnshire, because frankly getting a brochure is to onerous, but they sure do consider it.

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