Thursday, July 22, 2004

Here's another corker from BH's website:

The Spectator: (June 03)

The Spectator's Notes

By coincidence, after years as more or less the only member
of the Fraser Gang (Lady Tony's mob, that is, not Mad Frankie's)
not to have published his literary efforts, young Benjamin Fraser
has at last cracked and tumbled into print. His debut collection
of poetry, City Poems (Greville Press), is dedicated 'To Harold',
though there's scant sign of printer's influence in the poems.
Much less swearing, and one even begins, 'Pray Americans
come./Booted. On. Now.', which if memory serves, is not quite
Harold's line. Anyway, jolly good they are too.

We'll never know if a Spectator copy editor couldn't Pinter from a printer, or whether it's BH's own personal faux pas.

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