Thursday, July 22, 2004

Remeber the flowerpot people? I ended up not doing the project for them, and I was angry because the week later I had to do the it's-signed-off-no-it's-not song and dance with accounts about my invoice. Again. But I decided that goodwill and client relationships were paramount, so I called Ben and asked him if he'd like to meet for lunch, talk about our last project and the feedback. Sure, love to, I'm handsfree right now, but send me an email, he said.

So I did, suggesting some dates. And I didn't hear back from him so I figured fine. Waste my time. Then, when it's out of my mind, he calls me a coupla weeks later, all sweetness and light, let's do lunch. We make a date for today. 6pm last night he calls me, "gotta cancel, sorry."


At least I can have steamed vegetables for lunch, now, though.

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