Monday, August 16, 2004

(I wrote this in my notebook last night)

So I'm sitting in the Hofstra University Area (replete with flags from other college's sports teams - Old Dominion and William & Mary) and I'm feeling like I'm in some bizarre John Hughes movie with a heavy Jewish theme.

Only in America. Only in America do you see so much Jewish hair, Jews from places (Tucson, Alberqueque) that if they were in Europe they wouldn't have two Jews to rub together, so many women large of hip and full of kaftan, and hear so much earnest Americana. Don't get me wrong, it's good. It's all good in a car-crash kinda way.

Truth is - we're different. American Jews have the confidence of a powerful people. If Anglo-Jews were in this cult, we'd all be wearing branded t-shirts with the names of our synagogues and JCCs on them (if we had any), and we'd be immersed in totally Jewish lives.

Of course, you may say that I'm doing that already, although without the t-shirts. Having said that, my "shayna punim" (pretty face) t-shirt garnered a lot of comment, and I should be getting commission from the Rabbi's Daughters.

* * *

Saw Debbie Friedman, Julie Silver and Joe Black in concert, which was pretty good. There's a lot of swaying, though. I mean, a lot.

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