Thursday, August 05, 2004

If it were possible for a person to explode through frustration I would be a mass of blood and guts. Honestly.

So I ordered my contact lenses from the US on Monday. Told them my optician is away, so they can't get a copy of the prescription, and in fact, that's why I'm getting them from them, and they said fine, they can get it in a few weeks. I explained the timing delicacy that I'm only in NY for one day next week, and need them then. Fine.

Yesterday morning they email me a form letter saying they can't reach my doctor. I call again, talked to Angela, explain that he's not there, she says they can do it manually, she'll email back and confirm shipping.

When I don't hear from her at 7pm, I call them up, spend an hour on the phone with various un-service people who tell me "it's a miscommunication" and they can't ship my lenses to a US address without my doctors prescription. It's now too late to ship them to the UK before I go away (it takes about three weeks). I have seven pairs of lenses left.

We finally agree that I will get an eye exam this morning, and fax it to them.

I call my optician again, at work and at home, and both his mailboxes are full.

Now, I call another optician, and they can't confirm a lenses prescription for two weeks, because I need to have a sample and wear them.

I have been wearing contact lenses for fifteen years.

So I'm hoping that a regular (spectacles) prescription will do. Otherwise, I don't know what I'll do. Any suggestions?

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