Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Last night: heard Richard Joel, the new President of Yeshiva University ("I say to my workaholic colleagues, only my kids will say kaddish for me"), and loads of music: Golem, Seeds of [something, must check], Debbie Friedman, and watched Tova Feldshuh's movie about Golda's Balcony. I really want to see that show. And Tovah was a warm, funny, bechaint kinda gal. Well, woman, really. She had every rolling in the aisles when she couldn't remember the phone number for eductor-discount tickets, and said "and the menopause is really good."

I'm having more fun; I've mellowed to the American sensibility, and met some cool people I can talk to. Last night at dinner, we met up with a fabulous group of people (women: there are a lot of women here) who have been/are coming to Limmud, and they were wonderful.

I think what's hard about big places is creating the opportunity for small connections. So sure, I've been in a room with 1,400 people, but I don't know them.

I'm just off to JTS and Jewish Harlem... Have a nice day, now.

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