Tuesday, August 03, 2004


As you know, I am having a de-cluttering, efficient clear-out.

So if you fancy any of these items, send me email/leave a comment, make me a reasonable offer and it'll be winging it's way to you.

  • scanner - Canon N670U, USB
  • backlit 2MB Psion 3C, in box and everything (I just found out it's worth £120, apparently)
  • Sony internal CDRW/DVD, CD 48X24X48, DVD 16X
  • Iomega zip 100 parallel drive, boxed, with a lot of disks
  • External CDRW, approx 48X24X48 speed, can't remember spec, mail me if you're interested
  • Macromedia Freehand v8 for PC
  • switching box for parallel printers. You may want this for your technology museum
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