Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I've been worried about what Les Magoon calls the "the Big Roll Over" for a while. Basically, it's when the demand for oil outstrips supply.

Think of this: it was cheaper for me to fly return to Nimes than it was to get a taxi to Stanstead Airport. It's cheaper to fly to Manchester (although more hassle) than to get a train or drive. There's an environmental cost to our cheap weekends and no-frills travel, but no-one wants to pay it.

I think we live in a time where travel is as cheap and accessible as it's ever going to be. So get traveling - never seen the Emerald Buddah? Get thee hence before a trip to NY costs £5,000 and Asia is just out of everyone's reach.

This madness can't go on. There are too many cars, most of them only have one passenger, if you live in a city it's almost impossible to give up car ownership because the transport infrastructure is decaying, and if you're rural, there's hardly any transport infrascture to speak of, it costs about £25k to get solar panels on your house, and you can never resolve the proportional sharing with your neighbours if you're in a conversion, and we have worse weather than we've ever had.

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