Wednesday, September 22, 2004

More From The Editor's Postbag

Dear Madam,

I refer to our correspondence some months ago, when, in reply to an unprovoked attack on those who install UPVC windows in 1920's/30's houses, I made out, on behalf of my members, the logically unassailable arguments in favour of UPVC double glazing.

I recall a warning that my members should be treated carefully, otherwise there was a risk of retaliation.

Despite the fact that many persons have been targeted, by the unscrupulous fitting of UPVC double glazing in their period properties by my members, in response to the kind of criticism to which you have been a party, I wish to distance my members from any suggestion that it was they who took the present course of action in your home. I am able to say with confidence that if it had been my members, then they would have ensured that every window would have been replaced rather than a few.

I trust that now you have the benefit of UPVC windows, you will ensure that they are not removed. It must be correct that an attempt to remove such windows is a graver offence than merely criticising them.

Yours Faithfully,

The President
Fenestration Society of the Great North West

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