Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Nutters/Racists in the House?

Mostly, when I get round-robin emails, I mentally scrunch them up and lob them in the bin, but when I got this one, just before Yom Tov it made me sit up and take notice.

A woman applying for a job received this response:

Thank you for your CV, but you're not what we're looking for. The ideal person for us will be, first and foremost, an illustrator, as our advertisement specified - working with a pen and brush - with an interest in modelmaking, whereas your own forte is interior design and CAD.. .

Speaking personally however may I suggest that for European consumption you would be wise to omit details of your national service, which you describe with such evident and ingenuous pride? The natural reaction of most educated Europeans to the information you provide is likely to be "so it was she who guided those gunships to targetted assasinations and the murder of women and children with indiscriminate bombing and strafing of refugee camps (refugee camps!!!! 50 years after your compatriots drove them from their homes - and you have done nothing for them ever since.)!".

Most educated Europeans - and as a matter of fact a large proprtion of educated Americans too - now view 'Israel' as a brutal undemocratic (where are the votes for the indigenous inhabitants whom you have helotised?) colonial state, run by criminal who defy all international law and natural justice. And a sizeable proportion doubts the 'right' of Israel to exist . This has nothing to do with anti-semitism. nor is it racism - that is the kind of disgusting attitude which one might say is inherent in the idea of the state of Israel, and one might say among a large section of believing Jews elsewhere, who regard the rest of us as inferior and unclean - and not chosen by God.

What could be more racist than that? And what happens to those of your race who
dare to speak out against the wickedness that your fanatacsim inevitably leads to? they are murdered or have acid thrown in their faces like Yael Dayan just to put you in the picture

Piers Croke
Gisela Graham Limited.

Then, I get an email that someone called Ben Cohen sent to Piers. Piers is clearly unaware that because of the Jewish conspiracy, everyone who knows someone has emailed it to the whole universe. I, of course, am less surprised.


Like many other people, I've seen the email which you sent to a prospective Israeli applicant. And if you think you can shoot off emails like that without getting an enraged response, you'd better think again, mate.

I'm not going to dignify your ignorant, semi-literate, Jew-hating screed by taking on your argument(by the way, your text was replete with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, which leads me to think that you're a moron, as well as a racist). What am I going to do - like many others, I imagine - is clog up your in-box with constant reminders of what a scumbag you are, Piers. Do you really think that anyone is going to go over the finer points of Jewish history and philosophy with you?

Do you actually have the cheek to consider yourself educated? You're a ghastly little anti-Semitic spiv; in another context and another time, you'd be lacing up your jackboots and dragging Jewish children off to the gas chambers.

But, Piers, we now live in this context and this time. I imagine that our racial discrimination laws will rapidly put an end to your sparkling career.

If you want to reply to me, go ahead. I'll even meet you if you want. But like most Jew-haters, you're probably too much of a coward.

Yours (very) sincerely

Ben Cohen

Then, I understand, Pearl Moonsamy, General Manager at Gisela Graham, issues a statement saying the firm is commited to equality of opportunity, and that Piers Croke has been suspended for improper use of Company communications. I have called Pearl three times this morning, but she hasn't yet had a chance to return my call.

So that sounds right and just. I called up again just now, and asked to speak to Piers and he's still there. Of course, I'm not in full possession of the facts; it's possible matters have moved on since I last got email on this, and I've not been able to verify the status with Pearl.

But through the joy of the internet, here's what I do know about Piers: he likes writing reviews on Amazon, (and thinks that deformity and sacrifice are what captures a child's imagination), that he likes writing letters (here's one to the Guardian, where he appears, somewhat bizarrely, to be likening the American justice system to sharia law), and he (or another Piers Croke, perhaps) is abig TS Elliot fan, and contributed to his 70th birthday symposium. I also know where he lives, but then so does everyone with access to

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