Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Obviously we're all gagging to get a peek at the latest pics from New York fashion week. Really.

I kinda am. In a low-value, not-that-important way, I something of a follower of fashion. I bought a pink corduroy jacket in Dorothy Perkins, because it's very "now". That's about as far as I go.

Tangentially about fashion, here's a thing I don't get. Remember when you used to put your winter boots away in April, or at the latest, May? Just like my Mum doesn't wear tights between Pesach and Rosh Hashannah, there used to be a sense of season.

This year, for the first time, it's OK to wear boots with summer clothes. Personally, I blame it on Kate Moss - she of the shortest-of-short skirts, and eighties suede pixie boots. It just makes me feel like people have their summer bodies on, but are wearing their winter legs.

But I'm pleased. I'm a boots person, deep down. So today, I'm jeans, t-shirt, and pink suede boots. So there.

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