Sunday, September 19, 2004

So I'm just about to hit the road (Jack), although I will obviously be coming back some more.

There's something about being back in Cheadle that I love. Especially Rosh Hashannah time. When I look around at all the people me and my brother and sister grew up with, I kinda think there were special creative juices in the Cheadle/Gatley soil between 1971 and 1981. Our contemporaries are film makers, musicians, journalists, and I just found out that Guy Swimer wonSpanish Pop Idol. (I like to think this is because I taught him in Sunday school, although I doubt it. I also was surprised to see him be reported as a "waiter from Stockport" as opposed to "a former ad executive from Cheshire" but that's the rags to riches thang for you.) I didn't see him in shul, but then with the overflow (sorry, parallel service) you don't get to see everyone.

So I've eaten my fill of honey cake and had more meals in three days that I previously thought was humanly possible. I've hung out with my nephews/niece, who are all growing up and at the cute age where you can have proper conversations with them, and saw Trauma last night, which is kind of scary. But good.

So, I'll be on the M56/M6(toll)/M1, if you need me.

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