Tuesday, October 12, 2004

And the day before (Sunday) I made a trip (nay, pilgrimage) up to Stratford with S, to see Douglas Coupland in his one man play (monologue) September 10 2001 at The Other Place, as part of the New Writing Festival.

He was fab. He didn't notice my anime handbag or cool shoes, and I have to tell you, he looks about a hundred years older than either that BBC picture, or how he looked when he did a reading in London a couple of years ago.

The work was great, typical Doug. Kinda like a produced version of the randomly connected bits of reality he does at book readings. I'd love to read the text. Interestingly, like Darwin in Malibu, it ended with papers flying from the heavens (in this case, like on 9/11), including a photocopy he once took of a photo of Catherine Deneuve with Andy Warhol, which he'd talked about. I have it on my noticeboard now.

He's doing it twice more on Thursday, if you want to go, it's not in London at all, although there's no guarantee the
RSC box office will know anything about it. Also, I suspect it's sold out, as all the people like me bought tickets in April.

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