Friday, October 15, 2004

I have received email from the other side. The un-audblog side.

From: Yoz
Sent: 15 October 2004 12:16
To: Sasha
Subject: I may be the only one to tell you this

... but I have listened to precisely one of your audblog posts, and it
will be the last one.

And I assure you that it is *nothing* personal against you. In fact,
you should take the fact that I listened to an *entire* audblog post
as a great compliment.

Really. It was because I knew that you have a nice voice and you
actually have experience of speaking for broadcast. And I can't say
that experiencing that audblog post was unpleasant, either. It's
always nice to hear from you.

It's just that I was already wholeheartedly agreeing with this months ago:

... and, as a friend, I feel it's my duty to tell you this. I mean, I
know that it's entirely up to you how you present your blog, and it's
entirely up to me as to how and whether I choose to consume it. And
you don't have to pay attention to *any* of this.

But I thought I should tell you anyway, because it may not just be me
who feels this way, and I hate the thought of you wasting your time.
But if it is just me, then, y'know, it's my loss rather than yours.

(Or I could just call you up and yell, "DROP THE AUDBLOGGING, SASHA!
FOR F**K'S SAKE!" But my Treo's not working properly at the moment.)

Gut Shabbes!

-- and don't even get me started on f**king podcasting

Whaddya reckon? True? Oh, and you can read Maciej Ceg?owski's audio blog as text, here. Y'know; in case everything he says is true.

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