Thursday, October 21, 2004

I took out annual multi-trip travel insurance when I went to the US in February for £47. I have househould insurance that costs me a fortune.

So my new camera, that I got for my August NY trip cost £164 (camera, SD card, rechargeable batteries). Now I discover that (a) the insurer will immediately knock it down to £154, as some of it was delivery charges, as I like buying things online, (b) my travel insurance has a £50 excess, so that's £104, (c) I am dually insured with my household insurance (as it turns out), so the travel people will ask the household people for a contribution, and once I lose my no-claims bonus, it'll cost me a flat fee of £60, so that's £44, and (d) because I lost my no-claims bonus, my household insurance will go up way more than £44.

However, if I change my household insurer (which I am considering), then they only want to know if there's been more than one claim in the last three years, which there still wouldn't have been. But the claim has to be closed, which it might not be in a month or so, knowing the claims handing sector. And I'd still be down to only a £44 payout anyway. And I'd have to fill out forms and respond to letters and spend time on the phone. And if they did it badly, I'd get upset and have to complain about their customer service.

The complexity of modernity.

Otherwise known as, bugger that, I'm off into town to meet my Mum and Dad.

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