Friday, October 22, 2004

Saw The History Boys at the National (Lyttleton) last night with my Mum and Dad.

I think this is the best piece of theatre I've seen in years. What's interesting is that the cast is 15-or so strong, unlike the usual 4-handers that mostly get staged now. It's a humorous, serious, poignant, moving script, that genuinely explores the value and meaning of education.

I just can't fault the whole production: clever use of video, great 80s music (it's set in a Yorkshire school in the mid 80s), brilliant characterisations, a fabulous cast, a script to die for. I was moved to tears at the end. If only all theatre was like this.

I can't wait to re-read the text; there's so much depth that it really would be re-reading or even seeing again.

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