Tuesday, October 05, 2004

A weekend of high culture ...

Having spent wednesday through friday visiting various people's succahs, eating far too much, and talking about the state of Anglo Jewry, as well as the state of the nation, one too many times, some extra-NW6 entertainment was needed, for sure.

Saturday night I saw Cybill Shepherd at the Soho Theatre in her one woman show, Cybill disobedience.

Now, lots of reviewers have slagged it off as self-indulgent, but I think Cybill is an old fashioned entertainer, a Southern gal made good. And she slept with Elvis.

Sunday, I went to to Jaq's opening of her new show, at the Red Gate Studio and Gallery in Brixton. Jaq's art is about bringing together sketches done on stage of various musicians (including the Alabama Three), and Jewish texts. Her work's really developed, and the embroidery sits with the handscript so beautifully, that I was disappointed to realise I have no walls left. Also, Rob (aka Larry Love) and the guitarist from the Alabama Three played while we admired the work, and it was all rather surreal, but in a fabulous way.

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