Saturday, October 30, 2004

Well, here I am in sunny (or not so) Cheadle, after a mini-birthday-party at my brother's last night, including champagne, cake and lots of cards (our family minhag is to do lots of cards. Like, really a lot). It was fun.

I've not had a chance to catch up here recently, so, in no particular order:
  • saw HIGNFY being recorded on Thursday night, with Robin Cook in the chair, who I suspect is not cut out for a TV career. Paul was not his usual sparkly self at all, no idea what's going on. I missed the show last night, but I suspect they can fix all the awkward pauses and lack of pace in the edit. Hope so.
  • The Motorcyle Diaries is a great movie; I got a real sense of Che Guevera's personal history, although I find it hard to believe that he was quite so saintly in real life
  • have struck a couple of good deals for interesting new work
  • I'm back at Picadilly Circus from Monday for a couple of weeks, most days, so anyone (who knows me) who works round there who fancies (low fat) lunch, call me
  • had houseguests a couple of weekends back, for my friend's son's Barmitvah (grownup, I know) and had a wonderful weekend catching up with old friends and socialising
  • went to my friend R's gig at a pub in Soho - he looks like Samuel L Jackson and sounds like Luther Vandross. Really
  • went to my friend S's gig for his band, Southampton's own Hunting Lodge at 93 Feet East (followed by curry, of course). It's experimental post-punk noise. It's an experience.
  • lots of unexpected people remembered my birthday. It was nice. I know Mrs Havelock, the headmistress at my junior school didn't really approve of the word nice, but in this case it truly was.
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