Wednesday, November 24, 2004

And while I'm on a (Jewish) roll, (rolls? give me an egg cream please), thanks to M for sending me this link.

Maybe because I watched David Baddiel's search for his family last night, in the BBC family history series, partly lost in the Warsaw Ghetto, and partly interred as resident aliens on the Isle of Mann, I'm thinking about my family tree, too. I spent a lot of time doing my geneological research: I've been working on it for ten years, on and off.

I'm lucky that I didn't really lose any family in the holocaust, but this new database from Yad Vashem is an incredible resource for people who did (although I suspect it might be in beta, I just did some generic searches, and it came back blank).

But anyway, check it out: The Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names

Four o'clock in the morning, I should make you an egg creme? Give me an egg creme please was last week's password. Two cents plain is ten cents now.

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