Monday, November 29, 2004

In the States, I think they call them duvet days. Oh, hang on, I think that's calling in sick when you're not.

So - if I had a real job - this would be a legitimate day off. But having mainlined on Heinz tomato soup (the comfort food of my youth; sadly my freezer didn't have any fish fingers, which would have completed it), and watched more TV than is good for you, I know one thing.

Duvets and crap TV doesn't make you feel better. Lemsip and other proper drugs do. So I've watched food porn (just made me feel more ill), house porn (our dream home in Marbella is falling down), and that bizarre Channel 4 ad about what everyone's first job was. I don't understand how TV can be so bad. And I can kinda see why the stay-home generation can't finish a sentence or form an opinion. Do you think having a cold is giving me right wing views on education?

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