Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Last night, went to an incredible evening at (one of the many) shuls (I regard as mine). A discussion on the BBC series Auschwitz: the Nazis and the Final Solution.

Laurence Rees, the series producer and writer talked about the making of the series with Professor David Cesarani, the series historical consultant. It was quite, quite mesmerising. David Cesarani knew exactly how to shape the evening, and handle people, and Laurence is a true master of his subject. It was a little odd to hear him talk to commercially about a subject that I am extremely careful around my language on (whoops, ugly sentence); history audiences skewing old, frontloading the money to the first four minutes of episode one, those kind of things. But an amazing behind-the-scenes look at the subject.

I'm also reading Deborah Lipstadt's History on Trial, and even though I know the punchline, it's truly un-put-downable.

It's holocaust week round my house. But then, in a way, it always is.

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