Friday, April 22, 2005

Another weird google maps thought.

Say you google-map sashinka.

Go on.

Well, what you find out is
  • that I went to the Dolphin in Euston in 2002 to go to some geek event... so it's linked from XCom to Haddock to me...
  • that I'd like to go to Dennis Severs House...
  • and that I'm involved in Limmud...

    So all these things are about googlejuice. I've linked hundreds/thousands of sites in my time, but these are the ones with the most linkly-love and that's what makes them google map results.

    I'm guessing.

    And I'm slightly nervous.

    I've tried it on a few famous/online types, and I don't want to mess with their privacy, but you can find out a lot about people from this. A lot.

    You can run (or in my case, not) but you can't hide.
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