Friday, April 08, 2005

This is a really sad day: the final demise of MG Rover, the last British car manufacturer in the UK.

I know that the UK is a great place to make cars, and lots of overseas manufacturers tak advantage of that, but I'm biased. I drove an MGF (British racing green, of course) for nearly ten years, selling it last year when my environmental genes got the better of me.

I never get jingoistic - I didn't care about the Falklands, or the Empire, or anything else British - but I had immense enjoyment driving a car that was a classic of British design (even if the engineering wasn't quite up to scratch). I know all the arguments about how we can't maintain a competitive manufacturing base anymore, and we're a service (read: call centre) economy, and I don't even think the Government should necessarily have bailed them out, but I just fee sad. It's an ending. Endings are always sad.

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