Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Juggling a squillion and two projects, but took a couple of hours out this afternoon to go to the Netimperative Blogging Roundtable. Felt something of a fraud, because I was "just a blogger" and everyone else had a corporate/business model agenda: Six Apart, MSN, the BBC, Shiny Media, the ubiquitious blogging consultants and a couple of super switched on PR people.

In a very old-media way I probably need a bit of time to process the conversation instead of blogging straight out of my head. But there was interesting information about new platforms and technology, moblogging, RSS feeds to your phone, and great discussion about who's gonna read papers in the future (me, since you ask).

Even though I probably knew this already it became clear to me that there is a bunch of people making serious money out of weblogs. While that is not my agenda and I blog for fun rather than profit, I think I've started a process running in the back of my mind ("kill -9 moneymakingideas").

I also discovered Treonaut, Longtail, that people use the phrase "the blogosphere" not ironically, and that after all these years of saying NO-key-a, it turns out I should be saying no-KEY-a.

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